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This website ( "this site") is operated by AGREEBIT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "our company").

We recognize the importance of personal information, and it is the basis of our corporate activities to ensure the protection and management of personal information in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Information Protection Act"). I think it is a duty.

We have established a basic policy (defined in Article XNUMX) regarding the protection of personal information, and handle the personal information of users (hereinafter referred to as "users") on this site accurately and safely.

Personal information protection policy on this site

A.Basic policy on protection of personal information

① We will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations, and handle them appropriately.In addition, we will strive to improve handling as appropriate.

② When entrusting all or part of the handling of acquired personal information, or when providing personal information to a third party, select a business operator that meets the protection level of personal information and take appropriate measures by contract etc. To take.

③ When collecting personal information, we will specify the purpose of use, notify or announce it, and handle personal information according to the purpose of use.

We will take necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss, falsification, etc. of personal information and manage it appropriately.

⑤ Regarding the personal information we hold, we will accept requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, and suspension of use from the person at the designated window and will respond in good faith.

Two.Objective of obtaining personal information

① We will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other related laws and regulations, and handle them appropriately.In addition, we will strive to improve handling as appropriate.

1. To provide, maintain, protect and improve this site

2. For investigation, examination, analysis, etc. of the usage status of this site, traffic measurement, etc.

3. For information on this site and our services, responding to inquiries, providing after-sales service, etc.

4. To send or display advertisements such as direct mail and e-mail newsletters to users based on the consent of the users or to the extent and means permitted by law.

5. To display, introduce or advertise the services or products of the Company or other third parties on the website related to this site or in other advertising media managed or contracted by the Company in connection with the Company's services.

6. To display advertisements on other companies' sites that are considered to be useful according to the interests and interests of the users based on the usage status of this site by the users.

7. To create statistical data related to this site, processed into a format that does not identify personal information

8. For our research and development on improvement of existing services and new services

9. To respond to acts that violate our terms and conditions regarding this site, and to respond to other disputes, troubles, etc.

10. To protect the rights and interests of our company or third parties by preventing, investigating and identifying fraud, cyber attacks and other potentially illegal or fraudulent activities.

11. To notify you of changes in the terms and conditions of this site and to contact you

12. For accepting applications for questionnaires, campaigns, etc., drawing lots, contacting winners, notifications, etc.

13. For purposes incidental to or related to the above purposes of use

② We will store your personal information as long as it is necessary to achieve the above purposes.In addition, the Company may store and use it for the purposes of obligations, fee collection, dispute resolution, problem solving, exercise of rights, and various investigations necessary for these, based on applicable laws and regulations.

③ Users can request the collection or suspension of use of all or part of user information by following the prescribed procedures on this site.In this case, the Company will suspend its use without delay in accordance with the provisions of the Company.

Three.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Of the user information, personal information is not permitted based on the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations, and except in the cases specified below, but without the prior consent of the user, we are a third party. We will not provide it to (including those outside Japan).

① When we outsource all or part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use

② When personal information is provided due to business succession due to merger or other reasons

③ When providing to the business operator, etc. that distributes or displays the advertisement of our company or a third party (including those outside Japan) for the distribution or display of the advertisement

When personal information is provided to a partner or an information collection module provider

⑤ When providing to courts, administrative agencies, regulatory agencies and other public institutions in order to fulfill the obligations based on laws and regulations or the laws and regulations that the Company should comply with.

⑥ When providing to courts, administrative agencies, regulatory agencies and other public institutions in order to respond to acts that violate the terms and conditions of this site and to respond to other disputes and troubles.

⑦ When the user determines that it will be disadvantageous to a third party

⑧ When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the user.

⑨ In addition, when permitted by the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations

Four.Disclaimer regarding the acquisition of personal information by a third party

In the following cases, we will not take any responsibility for the acquisition of personal information by a third party.In case of (XNUMX), please contact each company / organization that operates the external site directly regarding the handling of personal information on the external site.

① When revealing personal information to a third party at the user's own discretion

② When the person can be identified unexpectedly by the information entered on this site without our negligence.

③ When personal information is provided and used by the user on an external site linked from this site

When a third party independently obtains information that can identify the individual user

XNUMX.Use of statistically processed data

Based on the personal information provided, we may create statistical data processed so that no individual can be identified.We shall be able to use statistical data that cannot identify individuals without any restrictions.

XNUMX.Cookies, links and google analytics

We will record the usage status of this site by using cookies, which is a mechanism for grasping the usage status of the Internet, but we will use it only for improving and improving the services we provide to individuals.

① What is a cookie?

A cookie is a mechanism that saves the usage history and input contents sent and received between the browser and the server as a file on the user's computer when using a web page.If you allow cookies to be sent and received in your browser settings, the website can retrieve cookies from your browser.For privacy protection, the user's browser only sends cookies sent and received by the website's server.

② About cookie settings

Individuals can select settings for sending and receiving cookies from "Allow all cookies", "Deny all cookies", "Notify user when cookies are received", and so on.The setting method differs depending on the browser. Please check the "Help" menu of your browser for how to set cookies.Please note that if you select the setting to reject all cookies, you may be restricted in using various services on the Internet, such as not being able to receive services that require authentication.

③ Acquisition and use of cookies

We use cookies for the following purposes:

1. To improve the convenience of services provided to users.

2. To display the most appropriate advertisement on other companies' sites based on the content that the user is interested in and the usage situation at our company.

3. To use the advertising features of Google Analytics that we introduce.
* About Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics, a service of Google Inc., to grasp the visit status of this site by users.When you use Google Analytics on this site, Google collects, records, and analyzes your visit history on this site based on the cookies issued by us.We receive the analysis results from Google Inc. and grasp the visit status of our site by users. The user information collected, recorded and analyzed by Google Analytics does not contain any information that identifies a specific individual.In addition, such information will be managed by Google in accordance with its privacy policy.Users can also stop the collection of user information by using our Google Analytics by disabling Google Analytics in the add-on settings of the browser.You can disable Google Analytics by downloading and installing "Google Analytics opt-out add-on" on the Google opt-out add-on download page and changing the add-on settings of your browser.If the user disables Google Analytics, Google Analytics will also be disabled on websites other than this site that the user visits, but if the user resets the browser add-on, Google Analytics will be disabled again. It is also possible to enable. Please see the Google Analytics site for explanations about the terms of use of Google Analytics, and the company's site for explanations about Google's privacy policy.

4.   Third Party Links
Links to other sites are included on our website, but please refer to the regulations of the linked sites regarding the management of personal information at those linked sites.

XNUMX.Disclosure, correction, suspension / deletion of personal information, etc.

 When the user requests disclosure, correction, suspension of use, erasure, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure, etc.") of the personal information held by the company based on the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law, the user himself / herself After confirming that the request was made, we will conduct the necessary investigation without delay, and based on the result, we will disclose the retained personal data within a reasonable period and range.In addition, when it is decided not to disclose, etc., we will notify the user to that effect within a reasonable period and range.

 When disclosing personal information held by the Company, a fee (1 yen (excluding tax) per case. However, a fee may be added depending on the item and amount of information desired to be disclosed). We are here.Please note.

 When the user requests the deletion of personal data held by the user, and when the company determines that it is necessary to respond to the request, we confirm that the request is from the user himself / herself. Above, we will delete the retained personal data within a reasonable period and range, and notify the user to that effect.

4 If the Company is not obligated to disclose, etc. under the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations, the provisions of the preceding three paragraphs will not apply.

XNUMX.Reception method / window for disclosure of personal information, etc.

Requests for disclosure, etc. regarding personal information held by the Company will be accepted by the following methods.Please note that we may not be able to respond to requests for disclosure, etc. that do not depend on this reception method.

 Reception procedure

Please contact the reception desk specified in ② by mail or e-mail.
After confirming that you are the person or the agent *, we will reply by the method of delivery of the document or the method that the user and the Company deem appropriate.Depending on the content of your request, you may be required to submit the application form specified by us.Also, please note that it may take a few days to respond.For written responses, in addition to the fee specified in 7②, the fee specified by the Company (1,000 yen (excluding tax) per document) will be charged.

* About confirmation of the person or agent

If you apply from yourself, we will confirm your identity by using your e-mail address and password, or proof of driver's license, passport, health insurance card, etc.
In addition, when applying from an agent, we will confirm that you are an agent by confirming the power of attorney and the seal stamp certificate of the seal stamped on the power of attorney, or by calling the person.

 Reception desk

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(Company name) AGREEBIT Co., Ltd.
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