An interview article with representative Kuwahara was published in the domestic No. 1 WEB media "Foundation Notebook" specializing in entrepreneurship and fund procurement.

Interview with our representative, Kuwahara, in the "Founding Handbook" that disseminates information on entrepreneurs and fund procurementThe article was published.You will be covered about the development process and future prospects of D-Agree.

2022-04-04 03: 33 PM - Comment
An interview article with representative Kuwahara was published in "Sotokoto NEWS", which sends news on SDGs and ESG.
An interview article with our representative, Kuwahara, was published in "Sotokoto NEWS", which sends news on SDGs and ESG.He talks about the development process, precedent cases in Afghanistan, and future prospects of D-Agree.
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D-Agree demonstration experiment started in high school class.Online discussion about the charm of the city and U-turn ideas at Aichi Prefectural High School.
AGREEBIT Co., Ltd. Conducted an online town meeting demonstration experiment with Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture from August to September.We set themes such as how to disseminate information about Kasugai City and how administrative procedures should be in the future, and opened a place for online discussions for a limited time.
2021-11-18 11:14 AM - Comment
AGREEBIT has been registered as a partner in "Innovation LAB".
"Innovation LAB" is an AI collaboration program developed by NTTPC Communications. Various partners who are active in various fields such as government agencies / local governments, academic research institutes, manufacturers, etc., including companies that develop AI services, are participating.
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D-Agree has been adopted for EdTech Implementation Grant 2021.
D-Agree adopted for "Learning and Social Cooperation Promotion Project (Advanced Education Software Introduction Demonstration Project) Cost Subsidy" ("EdTech Introduction Subsidy") implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry We will announce that it has been done.
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